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Quick-snip with a knife edge is efficient and ergonomical.   

Pick this tidy, lightweight tool and you are ready to trim loose threads efficiently with speed. lades spring open which speeds the process and make these snips very efficient.

•Great for Bead Stringing, Sewing, Quilting, Crafting and Embroidery.
•Sewing staple for professional garment sample makers. Garment industry workers rely on this tool to snip all those loose threads. 
•Snips layers of fabric, Heavier yarn for craft and needle art. 
•Handy for nipping threads when machine quilting. 
•Keep it next to sewing machine and use it constantly. Put another one in button box trim threads. 
•Use for cutting gift packing ribbons and decorative strings. 
•Great buy for Fisherman. Snips Fishing line and fly tying.. 4.5” size fits perfectly in tool and tackle box. Better than any line cutter.
•Use for snipping dead heads of flowers, and bonsai. Florists love these snippers!
•Snips make great gifts.
•Very sharp points which are useful for pulling threads and reaching into tight spots for thread cutting.
•Makes perfect stocking stuffers.
•Shreds Paper and personal documents.
•Useful for a variety of light cutting duties.

Why Rupalee snippers best sellers
•Spring-action blades give Rupalee snippers incredible speed
•Precision blades are ground to give a longer cutting life
•Fast, clean cuts
•Metal body with corrosion-resistant enamel finish
•Manufactured to highest standard
•Portable design and very convenient

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