Teak Spoon 6"

Hand Carved Teak Spoon

6” long from end to end

Oval Spoon With Curved Handle

These are hand carved from overgrown roots that would be disposed of for reforestation. Every piece is unique and will vary from item to item. Teak has various colored grains that will vary from item to item. Please read below for the Cleaning and Care of Teak.

Origin: Indonesia

Tectona Grandis



Wipe clean before first use. Hand-wash only using a non-abrasive cloth or pad, warm water and mild dish soap.
Rinse completely with warm water. Do not allow the item to soak in water. Dry the piece immediately with a clean cloth or paper towel. To ensure that any water absorbed by the wood evaporates, allow it to completely air dry. The wood will appear to lighten as it dries.


To prevent warping, staining or cracking and to renew the beauty of the wood grain, apply one or two coats of cutting board oil or food-grade mineral oil to the wood areas of the item as needed.
Work the oil into the surface with a clean cloth. After letting it sit on the wood for approximately 30 minutes, wipe off the excess oil. Do not use cooking oils, which will go rancid. Store the piece in a location where there is adequate air circulation. Avoid areas where there is excessive dry heat and direct sunlight.

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