Mama Kuleana Reef Safe Sunscreen 2oz.

Mama Kuleana Reef Safe Sunscreen


In the Hawaiian language, KULEANA is defined as accepting responsibility with diligence and intent.

mama KULEANA hand makes each container with purpose.  Made here on Maui, each individual container is filled with care, knowing you are caring about your health and the health of our ocean.

 Skin Safe • Reef Safe • SPF 30 • Waterproof • 2 oz. Biodegradable Container

            mama KULEANA suncreen is hand made in small batches by mama KULEANA in the foothills of the West Maui Mountains.

This sunscreen is safe for both reef and humans alike!

Plus, with the extra love and care that mama KULEANA puts into each batch, you'll have a sunscreen that smells great, feels great, and is in alignment with your health goals. 

No toxins!

Not for our fish, not for our coral, and not for us!

Together, we are taking responsibility for a clean ocean and a healthy body.  Thank you for joining us in your decision to be a conscious consumer.

Did you know that Oxybenzone, Butylparaben, Octinoxate 4-Methylben- zylidene, and Camphor have all be shown to cause complete coral bleaching, even at extremely low concentrations?

In addition, many products state they are "reef safe" but still contain oxybenzone.

These chemicals are known hormone and endocrine disruptors. Hormone and endocrine disruptors are harmful even in small doses, as they mimic the hormones that our bodies create daily and can interfere with everything from our reproductive systems to our metabolism. They’re particularly dangerous for children whose systems are rapidly developing.

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